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BD3D Supercube Kit in Acrylic Fully Assembled

BD3D Supercube Kit in Acrylic Fully Assembled

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This is a corexy 3D printer that utilizes a duet 2 WiFi for super fast and accurate movements. Has a 32 bit processor vs 8 bit like others. Also has E3D V6 hotend and bmg dual gear extruder for torque and precision. Bltouch for mesh bedleveling and if you get 500x500x500 or bigger we utilize 4 lead screws and use them to mechanically level the bed automatically! The x and y movements are done on MGN12 rail for super clean and fast motions. Reliably print at 150mm/s where other printers on the market usually print at 40-60mm/s


Whats included:

  • Smooth Rods
  • Extrusion
  • acrylic
  • mgn rail
  • nema 17 motors
  • misc m3 bolt kit
  • m5 bolts
  • m5 3030 hammer head nuts
  • m3 3030 hammer head nuts
  • m5 2020 hammer head nuts
  • lead screws and nut 500x500 and bigger gets 4
  • all configuration files for duet on our config, files, and firmware page
  • pulleys smooth and teethed
  • meanwell power supply
  • 110v silicone heat mat
  • ssr
  • lmk12uu bearings
  • 3030 L brackets
  • 3030 hidden L brackets
  • bltouch
  • No LCD (use personal computer, tablet, or phone)
  • solid mount standoffs for bed
  • aluminum plate for bed
  • Magnetic textured flexplate

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