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Premium Hypercube Evolution Kit

Premium Hypercube Evolution Kit

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This is a hypercube evolution kit. This will come with duet wifi, e3d hotend, bmg dual gear extruder, bltouch, bd3d corner bracket. The main components used in this build are genuine parts as well not the chinese knock offs. 


Items Included

- BD3D aluminum corner brackets

- 12mm solid rod for z axis

- mgn12 rails for x and y axis

- 3030 extrusion to build frame

- 2020 extrusion to build bed frame

- 5 nema 17 motors

- 1 bmg dual gear extruder

- bearings

- duet wifi 2

- panel due 7i

- e3d v6 24v 1.75

- 24v fans

- 110v silicon mat

- aluminum bed plate

- glass build surface 

- 24v power supply

- ssr

- knurled heat serts

- misc bolt and nut kit

- does not include printed parts

What you will need

Soldering iron, solder, heatshrink, misc wiring to extend cables, crimpers, misc allen wrenches, misc screw drivers.

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